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Desert Energy Best Paper Award

Who can apply: All students or young researchers studying/researching renewable energy (RE) at a university or research center based in North Africa, the Middle East or Europe are invited to participate in the award regardless of degree level. Students who have recently graduated, and whose paper has been written since 2010, are also eligible for the award. The paper can be related to a published article, a Bachelor’s, Master’s, doctoral thesis, or independent research.

Paper subject: Papers related to power generation from sun and/or wind energy in the deserts of the MENA region or with focus on the transmission of electricity between this region and Europe will be considered for the competition. We would thus like to place this year’s focus on the following topics:

What are the macroeconomic effects for RE deployment?
Which industrial policies are the most crucial for developing the RE sector?
How to shape the cooperation between universities, research institutions and industry?
How can the education system meet the challenges of new growth in the RE sector that will be reliant on a prepared local labor force?
What are some practical ways local communities can engage with centralized power production and vice versa? What are the factors for cultivating civil society support?
Large-scale RE infrastructure vs. decentralized RE: what are the benefits for local livelihoods?
RE support schemes: how to encourage RE in a smart way?
How to encourage the phase out of fossil fuel subsidies?
Targets without implementation strategies: what are the concrete steps that countries should take to produce their first gigawatts towards meeting their RE targets?
Applied research: which prototypes/pilot projects are particularly innovative and could be implemented effectively on a larger scale?

Award: the authors of the 4 best papers will receive free entrance to the 4th Dii Desert Energy Conference where they will have the opportunity to present a brief summary of their work. An additional 6 authors will receive free entrance to the conference. This year’s conference will be from the 30th –31st of October 2013 in Rabat, Morocco and all travel expenses will be covered. Furthermore, the winners’ papers will be published on the Dii website.

Submission materials:

Executive summary: 4 pages (font: Arial 11), full version of the study should be available upon request.
Completed submission form.
Motivation letter: 1 page (font: Arial 11) answering the following questions: how is your work related to the topic of renewable energy produced in the MENA deserts? Why do you want to present your results at the conference?
Your updated CV.

Contact/Deadline: Please submit your application in English, and in PDF form, no later than Monday September 2, 2013 to Noëlie Vegas (, Tel: +49 89 340 77 05 82).



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