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Estonia’s Smart Metering Plan and Lessons Learnt

Interview with Mait Rahi, Project Manager and Head of the Smart Metering Program, Elektrilevi Estonia

Outsourcing and relying on partners has its challenges and advantages

« Before one can distinguish between the different levels of responsibility shared by partners, you have to know what is happening on the ground and understand the potential issues that may arise during the project. Normally, this may only become clear during the period of implementation and operation, » explains Rahi. He goes on to explain that Elektrilevi’s approach is to define these « connection points » only where they are able to define them clearly, as well as measure them accurately.

Elektrilevi also believes in outsourcing services across all boards where possible. Rahi explains that outsourcing is essential if the company wants to maintain a competitive edge in the market. He adds, It also gives us the confidence that our customers’ fees are spent in the best possible way.

Open energy market

Today all Estonian customers operate in an open energy market, which opened fully in January 2013. For high consumption clients (above 2GWh/Y), the market has been open since April 2010….. Read more.